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12:18 pm - 12.23.05


How did I get so many papercuts?

They're everywhere.

Last night was a misery. I wasn't feeling so fantastic and I desperately wanted to curl up on the couch and watch Tivo. But for the first time since he moved in, Jon was home when I got there, watch a Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon.

Nightmare. I can't stand Larry David. He opens his mouth and I cringe. He speaks and I have to shout "shut up!" To each his own- I know it's a popular show- but not for me. And Jon's laugh is reminiscent of Lewis in Revenge of the Nerds. I had to listen to it all for a good two hours. Then, thank god, Jon went out. I don't know where he goes (every night he's not working, he goes out after 10- it's strange to me).

I finally got comfortable on the couch as CSI: Miami was coming on and I had my new electronic Sudoku handheld to keep me entertained (David Caruso really can't) when the THUMPING began. It was clear that my upstairs neighbors had decided to clear their floor for dancing. I could hear the couches being dragged, the tables being dropped- I could even hear Valerie barking directions at whomever these makeshift movers were. I tried to ignore it but when it got overpowering, I retreated to my room. I should be in bed anyway by the point. I got nearly no sleep on Sunday night and turning in early might be useful.

I was almost drfiting off to sleep when I hear loud talking. Like it was right next to my head. BECAUSE IT WAS. Because 2 people from the party upstairs were talking about surfing right outside my window. The window I sleep under. I cracked the window. Politely, I said they were sorta keeping me up and couldn't they take it elsewhere? And they did-- to the table not too far away. Where they sat for ten more minutes until finally going back upstairs.

I was finally drifiting off to sleep again when I woke to a BLASTING soundtrack. "SARA! STONES ARE BREWIN' IN YOUR EYES...."

Who doesn't wanna party like a rock star to STARSHIP at 11:00 at night?

I groggily put clothes on and trudged upstairs. It took three tries to get their attention with the knocking but when Valerie came to the door, stoned and drunk, she was pretty much laughing in my face. I starte out nice but when I heard the snickering start up from the assholes behind her (when did a frat start camping out upstairs?) started laughing at me, I lost my temper. Not too severely, but when you have to be up at 6:30 in the morning, the prospect of more party, party on my HEAD, didn't seem at all appealing.

Still, a half hout later, I could hear them shouting and cheering. I wasn't gonna get dressed again. I called. And I have never been so condescended to. I was furious! Donnie told me I was just going to have to learn to live with it? Why should I learn to live with a raging party going on overhead at 11:30 on a Monday night?

I overslept by an hour, took a half-assed shower, picked out the worst outfit I think I've ever seen on my body, and tore out the door, fuming.

I want retribution. I am SO mad at these people. It burns even more because basically, Val and Donnie are good neighbors and we get along really well.

Vengence will be mine. That and a good telling off.

11:19 am - 12.20.05


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